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Ian Quick and Elliott Smith with Paul Daniels
Endorsed by Paul Daniels Internationally known and respected Magician, television personality, author and lecturer.


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by Elliott Smith and Ian Quick

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"I love your book "Highway To Success" so much and it taught me some great additional sales ideas & methods, even though I have been preforming professional for over 3 decades and doing the associated sales that go along with it. On top of that it reminded me of areas my business I was slacking in. I still use it often as a reference and have read it thoroughly more than once! Once again, congrats on a great book that will assist the magic community for many years to come."
Illusionist Joe Conrad

"First of all I'd like to thank you for your excellent book, I bought it a few years ago and has been my reference bible since. The section on how to put on your own show has helped me so much, especially the advice on how to draft up a press release. For the last 5 years I have held a weekend of magic every summer in a theatre barn each year have sold out because of the info I put into practice from your book. Also recently, I made one my dreams possible by producing and performing in a show in one of London's West End Theatres last month, again this also sold out and will be doing it again next year, thanks again to you. From one of your grateful readers and student."

"In my 15 years as owner of Ottawa’s most prestigious talent agency, I have never come across a guide to the industry as comprehensive and easy to read as "Highway to Success". Written with the beginner in mind, Elliott and Ian provide us with common sense advice that we sometimes take for granted. Any entertainer must have talent in order to succeed and make his living at this game. But the performer who also understands business etiquette and organization has a distinct advantage. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to any person striking out into business on their own, especially those providing a service."
Gail Lawrence
aka Artists Management

"I found the advice in "Highway to Success" to be useful and practical from page # 1. I enjoyed reading it because it's an entertaining business book for entertainers with ideas that are concise and effective.  I highly recommend this book to any entertainer looking for a place to start or a seasoned pro looking to stay current."
Kristen Johnston
"Daytime" Host - Rogers Television 22

"I thoroughly enjoyed "Highway to Success"...not only was it very informative, but the presentation kept me interested and entertained for the entire read. The Highway to Success can be used by any and all, be it personal or company business...Elliott and Ian have paved the way for a lot of people to promote themselves and see the payoff. After all, if you don't promote yourself, nobody will do it for you.  I'm already using some of the great tips in my everyday dealings with people."
Kurt Stoodley, Co-Host
Breakfast @The New RO

"Highway to Success” is a book every entertainer should read. No matter how long you’ve been in the business, this book provides a valuable checklist to compare what you know and what you didn’t even consider previously. It will also help you organize your everyday methods of keeping records of your agreements with clients. Most of us learn the hard way that if we haven’t written down what we will provide a client, then the client can say “That’s not what we agreed to.” It’s definitely a good read."
Lois Siegel
Lois Siegel Productions Inc.

"As a professional businessman for over 30 years, I have started and operated 3 businesses during that time and have been very successful. Recently I purchased a copy of Highway to Success and was very impressed. It sparked me to apply methods and techniques that I hadn't used in a long time. I have since noticed that my business has been growing even quicker."
Mike Lacroix
Tru-Max Heritage Locksmith Inc.

"It's really well written! You were able to pull together all of the little bits of common sense and business techniques that one should pick up over the course of running a business, and compile them into one easy-to-read, no nonsense package. This book really is a "one-stop-shop" for business success, not only for entertainers, but for anyone who is involved in a home based business."
Steve Lowell
Musician and Independent Representative for Retire Quickly Corporation

"I just finished the last page of your book. I loved it.. It was well written and not boring at all, it reads itself. It made me realize what it actually takes and how to manage and run an entertainer’s life. I find the template samples in the back very useful. Thanks for writing this book, I loved the way it taught me what a routine in the day of a professional is. I have been wondering for so long, and this is the next best thing to seeing it live."
Eric Leclerc
Magician – CAM Gold Medal Winner

 "Once I’d read the book, which covers everything from setting up an office to closing a sale, I immediately thought of the many entrepreneurs who could benefit from just such advice. Smith and Quick could definitely teach them a trick or two.But perhaps the real magic of the book is that it applies to anyone with a dream who just needs a little business savvy to get off the ground."
Anne Howland
Reporter – Ottawa Business Journal

"Don’t be misled by the book’s name. Though it is aimed at those of us who are left-brain thinkers, this tome provides excellent information for people in all types of business. Written in an easy-to-follow style, the authors provide a comprehensive, organized and systematic approach to business management.  For the start-up business person (the book) is an ideal read as it contains a sound source of the basics. For someone whose business is already “up and running”, this book provides handy reference material to gage your business system."
Diana Rose
Publisher and Editor – Capital Style Magazine

"You talk about things that I would never had thought about…It’s a very helpful book …especially business etiquette: the one thing most people don’t think about."
Janet Eastman
Newscaster/Host – Ottawa Citizen Business TV

 "As I read through it, it’s more than just for entertainers. If you’re any entrepreneur starting off, it’s got some great tips and it’s very well written. You cannot grow your business unless you’ve got a good foundation…and that’s what’s in this book. It can teach someone and help someone planning and putting together that good solid base."
Elliot Finkleman
Host - It’s Your Money, CFRA 580 Newstalk Radio

"I was extremely impressed by the professional and creative presentation of the work, as well as the vital information packed into every well-written paragraph. This book is an essential guide for any performer or creative talent working in the entertainment industry today."
Kelly J. Compeau
Publicist & Talent manager - Showbiz Media Services

"Highway to Success is a very well written book.   It is well organized and provides a great deal of information, not only to the entertainer, but also to anyone who is running a small business.  I found many of the ideas useful to me as a small business owner and independent consultant.  Great job!"
Yvette Leclair
Yvette Leclair & Associates
Partner, NEXUS HR Solutions


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