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Ian Quick and Elliott Smith with Paul Daniels
Endorsed by Paul Daniels Internationally known and respected Magician, television personality, author and lecturer.






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by Elliott Smith and Ian Quick

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Wayne Kawamoto, - "So you’ve got a decent magic act and are ready to make money at it. As any entertainment pro can tell you, it’s quite a leap to turn a magic obsession into a profitable business. Fortunately, magicians Elliott Smith and Ian Quick have written “Highway to Success ,” a road guide, so to speak, that offers a solid foundation in business basics with an emphasis on entertainment. The book is a useful and easy read that dispenses excellent advice that can help you make the move into show “business.” Wayne Kawamoto,   Click here for Wayne's complete review.

MagicTalkTM Reviews by Bryan Dean - "Holy Toledo! This is an amazing book. For $20.00 you will learn more in 176 pages than in 15 years of messing around and making mistakes in the business. Elliott Smith & Ian Quick have this book in a very easy to understand format that, if you are thinking of entering magic as a profession (or semi-profession), you'll have the tools you need." 

International Brotherhood of Magicians 'Linking Ring' Magazine
According to Phil Willmarth..."As someone who has worked in large, medium-sized, and run his own small business for many years, I feel this book could be invaluable if read carefully and the advice followed rigorously."

MAGIC Magazine
According to Micheal Close, well respected Magician and critic..."If you have been considering making the jump into part-time or full-time pro status, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Highway to Success by Elliott Smith and Ian Quick...This is simply one of the best expositions of this type of material that I have ever read.  Whatever your performing area, you'll find information that will move you toward your goals... best book on the nuts-and-bolts of entertaining as a profession that have been published in recent times. Highly recommended." - According to Tracy Atteberry, co-owner and reviews manager for
"This is a clear, easy to follow text with colorful graphics and sidebars.... If you're looking for easy to follow, ethically sound (unlike some) advice and business information you'll wish you knew, then this might be the book for you."
Full Review

Capital Style Magazine - "Written in an easy-to-follow style, the authors provide a comprehensive, organized and systematic approach to business management.... For the start up business person, Highway to Success is an ideal read as it contains a sound source of the basics.  For someone whose business is already "up and running", this book provides handy reference material to gage your business systems."

Ottawa Business Journal Abracadabra. You're a successful entrepreneur.
Ottawa Business Journal
"Their new book, Highway to Success - The Entertainer's Roadmap to Business, relies on Smith's 35 years as a professional magician and draws on Quick's experiences getting going in the industry after abandoning a law career.

But perhaps the real magic of the book is that it applies to anyone with a dream who just needs a little business savvy to get off the ground."

The Costco Connection, Magazine for Small Business

Canada's S.O.H.O Magazine

UMM Magazine

The Ottawa Sun Newspaper, Money Section


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