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Ian Quick and Elliott Smith with Paul Daniels
Endorsed by Paul Daniels Internationally known and respected Magician, television personality, author and lecturer.


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by Elliott Smith and Ian Quick

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More About the Book

Owning "Highway to Success" is like having a portable real-life business degree without going through the "knocks", as well as a coach to see you from point A, to point B—beyond the barriers to success. There is no magic to your eventual success, but there are many tips, tricks, and secrets. You'll get:

  • Basic business sense, and advice on structuring from sole ownership to incorporation
  • List of the tools you need, and how to get them cheap
  • Tips on staying effective working from home
  • Easy systems for important income and expense tracking
  • Pointers for full-timers, and part-time ambitions
  • Advice on using unions and guilds
  • Pros and Cons of using an agent versus to doing it yourself

"...perhaps the real magic of the book is that it applies to anyone with a dream who just needs a little business savvy to get off the ground." —Anne Howland, Ottawa Business Journal

Marketing yourself effectively is of paramount importance, that's exactly why Highway to Success includes:

  • How to make waves with marketing and make money
  • Prospecting and lead generation secrets that gurantee you maximum profits
  • Learn how to create a simple, essential roadmap to your own thriving business
  • Building your portfolio and branding yourself
  • Advertising and analyzing advertising effectiveness of 18 different mediums
  • Using videos
  • Conducting cold calls - creating and using customized telephone scripts and techniques
  • Using publicity stunts correctly for maximum impact
  • Preparing and presenting proposals

Even if you're already in business, you can benefit from the "Highway to Success" and give your business a boost.  You will become business savvy for success.  It's a complete system you cannot find anywhere else, created by successful performing artists.  People pay thousands of dollars to attend workshops, seminars, or for private consultations to learn about how to build and operate a successful business. You don't have to do that, and you don't have to spend 35 years to gain the wisdom experience offers.


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